Is your heating and cooling system living up to its promises?  You may have purchased a high efficiency system, but it could be delivering less than full potential if it is not properly set up. If your system comes up short, we will develop a plan to get it running at peak efficiency again. 




Devoting the time and money to having a professional preseason furnace inspection ensures that your heating system will be ready for the cold months that lie ahead.  A regularly tuned up furnace operates more efficiently which lowers your energy bills.  Don't be caught with a broken down furnace when winter is at it's coldest.  Schedule your inspection to diagnose and repair any problems before the cold weather set in.

Frequently asked questions

How much does an inspection cost?

Furnace inspections start at $69.00

What does an inspection include?

1.) Inspect intake and exhaust vents for blockage. 2.) Inspect and clean ignition, flame sensor, or pilot light. 3.) Inspect furnace fan and clean if necessary. 4.) Clean interior cabinet of furnace. 5.) Change filter (price of filter not included) 6.) Inspect and clean condensate drain line. 7.) Perform basic carbon monoxide test.

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Because we're HVAC SAVE certified, we can verify your system's operating efficiency in about 20 minutes with temperature and pressure readings. Scroll down for more information about HVAC SAVE.

Cooling System Inspections& Tune-Ups

Make sure your cooling system is ready for the hot weather months. Regular inspection and servicing of your equipment keeps your system running at top efficiency, which saves you money! For example, being only 1 lb. low on refrigerant can cause your cooling system to increase its run time by 25%-50%!!  This adds a significant amount to your summer cooling bill.

Frequently asked questions

How much does a cooling system inspection cost?

Cooling system inspections start at $79.00.

What is included in a cooling system inspection?

1.) Test electrical components. 2.) Inspect indoor and outdoor coils for dirt and debris buildup. 3.) Check filter. 4.) Start system and verify cooling temperatures are within range. 5.) Check refrigerant charge.

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